OMSYD – Online Marketing Sydney Conference


OMSYD – Online Marketing Sydney Conference

05 Jan 2020

Conference Recap Video

On February 2020, our Sydney SEO Agency hosted one of the largest Search Engine Optimisation conferences in Australia.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights.

Prosperity Media are happy to announce that we will be running a Online Marketing Conference on the 10th of February 2020 in Sydney.

Who is the conference going to be for?

– SEO’s
– Digital Marketing Managers
– PPC Managers
– Business Owners
– Affiliate Marketers
– eCommerce Managers

What topics can you expect at OMSYD?

– Five things I learned from building 148,833 backlinks
– How SEO works in 2020 an in depth inquiry into Googles Algorithm
– Your brand SERP is your business card and cannot be ignored
– SEO Copywriting from clicks to Conversion
– Top Growth Hacking Principles For 2020
– Paid & Growth Marketing panel
– SEO in 2020 panel
– Taking a Deliberate Approach to Your Marketing Focus & Goals

What will you learn from this event?

– Actionable tips for SEO campaigns you can implement.
– Growth hacks which have lead to exponential growth.
– Actionable PPC advice.
– Content Marketing tactics.
– Tips & strategies from successful Australian Agency owners.
– All advice is from people who are working on these strategies day in day out we have selected speakers who can provide highly actionable advice for the audience.
– We want to have you attending this event and leaving with countless new ideas, strategy and tactics.

What is the price?

Last minute pricing will be $288

Where will the event be hosted?

Amora Jamison Hotel
11 Jamison St, Sydney NSW 2000

How many people are coming?

Around 200 guests will be attending.

Single Track Conference?

Yes the event will be a single track conference.

How long will each talk be?

40 minutes which will be packed with actionable tips.

Event Agenda

Networking drinks

From 5.30PM – All Hands Brewing House
AddressKing Street Wharf, 22 The Promenade, Sydney NSW 2000

Who is speaking?

Jared Codling – Founder New Hack Every Week and top growth hacker.
Matt Diggity – Diggity Marketing & Authority Builders (Thailand/USA)
Bernard Huang Co-founder of Clearscope & Twitchmetrics (USA)
Kate Toon – Founder Recipe for SEO Success
Jason Barnard – Keynote speaker & SEO expert – SEO is AEO (UK/France)
Dennis Graham – PPC Specialist
Louisa Dahl – CEO Interactive Minds.
Amanda King – SEO Specialist Optus
James Norquay – SEO Director
Ray Corcoran – Marketing Professional
Jeff Deutsch – SEO & Growth Marketing (USA)
Richard Brus – Founder SERPworx plugin  & SEO Professional.
Dejan Mladenovski – Technical SEO
Woj Kwaski – Founder Kwasi 
Peter Mead –  SEO Professional.
James Richardson – Founder Optimising

Event Sponsors

Major SponsorProsperity Media 

Other Event Sponsors – 

Longtail UX

Full Stack Advisory

Agency Analytics 

The team at Prosperity Media are not new to events running over 65 Marketing events in the past via our Meet up group –

Here is a example of a recent event we hosted with the Finder team in Sydney.

Buy a ticket now via the following link:

James Norquay

James Norquay founded Prosperity Media in 2012 after working in the SEO & Content Marketing space for over 10 years. Prosperity works on Small to Large eCommerce, Marketplace and many other projects in Australia and the US markets.